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Our English courses and coaching sessions are customized and tailored to the student’s level, needs and goals.
Our online TEFL course (coming soon!) is designed for candidates with little or no previous English language teaching experience and is accredited through our affiliate CA-Institute.

Personal English Coach

Why you need an English Coach

Our English coaches work on strategies to help you succeed.

Personalized Lessons

A personal Coach prepares a learning plan that is specific to your goals.

Pricing and Eligibility

English Coaching sessions are 60 minutes and prices start as low as $5/hr.

Group Lessons

Small Groups

Our small group classes meet two times per week, they are 60 minute sessions for pairs [ 2 students].

Conversation Class

 Our conversation classes are  90 minutes for up to four  students.

Pricing and Eligibility

We only teach students aged 13 and up. Classes start as low as $9 USD per class.

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

TEFL Consulting & Coaching

We offer affordable coaching that  teaches you the best practices for teaching English online and in person.

TEFL Certification

Our 180-hour online TEFL/TESOL certification is a self study  course with virtual workshops. Participants learn the core areas of TEFL with a bonus module on teaching with technology- participants also get online teaching practice.

Pricing and Eligibility

TEFL coaching/consulting starts at $15 USD per hour.  Our online TEFL course is on sale for $200 USD.

TEFL Teaching

Modern Teaching Strategies

Learn modern English teaching strategies that will help you secure future job opportunities online or abroad in the TEFL industry.

High Demand for TEFL

We offer affordable coaching that  teaches you the best practices for Teaching English online and in person. 


Schedule coaching sessions based on your availability.  TEFL coaching starts at $15 USD per hour.

Ready to Secure better career/school opportunities with Advanced English Communication Skills?