Personal English Coach

Improve speaking confidence with your own personal teacher.

Our English coaches work on strategies to help you succeed.

They can help you develop a more organized approach to learning and speaking English. They may also focus on strategies to help with motivation and confidence. Schedule sessions at your convenience. 


There is no one size ‘fits all’ approach for learning a foreign language. A personal Coach prepares a learning plan that is specific to your goals.

English Coaching sessions are 30-60 minutes and prices start as low as $8/session

Coaching sessions are for ages 13 and up. A consultation with EEC is needed to determine the English Coach most suitable for you.



Our English Coaches

Our English Coaches come from various backgrounds and COLLECTIVELY hold over 15 years of experience in the EFL Classroom

Coach Gene

Gene Specializes in Conversational English, General English, TOEFL, TOEIC  and IELTS


Coach Kezzy

Kezzy specializes in General English and Conversational English.


Coach Sveta

Sveta specializes in English for Exams and General English.

verdell BC

Coach Verdell

Verdell specializes in Conversational English and Accent Reduction.

Ready to Secure better career/school opportunities with Advanced English Communication Skills?