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Teachable Tuesday

Here is a quick guide to understanding Zero, First, Second and Third Conditional.

October TEFL Workshop Schedule

TEFL Lecture/Workshop Series (18:00-19:30 GMT) Date Topic Mon 10 Oct 202218:00 GMT Workshop 4: Teaching Speaking & Pronunciation:1. Understand features of speech2. Demonstrate knowledge of English phonology (phonemic charts)3. Discuss methods of practically teaching pronunciation in the classroom4. Understand …

TEFL Lecture/Workshop Series (18:00-19:30 GMT) Date Topic Wed 14 Sept 2022 Workshop1: Language Learning Environments Wed  21  Sept 2022 Workshop 2:  Effective …

“Join us for our next workshop” Teaching Receptive Skills Part Two: Reading

Fluency is defined in different ways by different authors. Here are some tips for improving learners’ fluency.

Many teachers dread teaching pronunciation. Often times they are unsure how to do it or struggle to implement it in the lesson …