Becoming an English Coach

The term ‘Language Coaching’ has steadily increased in visibility over the last few years. Before anyone can hope to become an English Coach, however, it is important to be clear on the difference between coaching and teaching. English Coaching isn’t synonymous with English Teaching and it is not English teaching in disguise. English coaching involves

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October TEFL Workshop Schedule

TEFL Lecture/Workshop Series (18:00-19:30 GMT) Date Topic Mon 10 Oct 202218:00 GMT Workshop 4: Teaching Speaking & Pronunciation:1. Understand features of speech2. Demonstrate knowledge of English phonology (phonemic charts)3. Discuss methods of practically teaching pronunciation in the classroom4. Understand how to set appropriate lesson plan aims for speaking pronunciation lessons Mon 17 Oct 202218:00 GMT Workshop 5: Teaching writing:1. Understand basic concepts used for writing and its use in teaching and planning2. Identify writing sub-skills and features of written texts and make practical use of it in teaching3. Understand literacy issues4. Correctly use and explain punctuation and spelling5. Learn how to provide written feedback Mon

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TEFL Lecture/Workshop Series (18:00-19:30 GMT) Date Topic Wed 14 Sept 2022 Workshop1: Language Learning Environments Wed  21  Sept 2022 Workshop 2:  Effective Lesson Planning Wed  28  Sept 2022 Workshop 3: How To Teach Receptive Skills Mon 10 Oct 2022 Workshop 4: Teaching Speaking & Pronunciation Mon 17 Oct 2022 Workshop 5: Teaching writing Mon 24

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