October TEFL Workshop Schedule

TEFL Lecture/Workshop Series (18:00-19:30 GMT)

Mon 10 Oct 2022
18:00 GMT
Workshop 4: Teaching Speaking & Pronunciation:
1. Understand features of speech
2. Demonstrate knowledge of English phonology (phonemic charts)
3. Discuss methods of practically teaching pronunciation in the classroom
4. Understand how to set appropriate lesson plan aims for speaking pronunciation lessons
Mon 17 Oct 2022
18:00 GMT
Workshop 5: Teaching writing:
1. Understand basic concepts used for writing and its use in teaching and planning
2. Identify writing sub-skills and features of written texts and make practical use of it in teaching
3. Understand literacy issues
4. Correctly use and explain punctuation and spelling
5. Learn how to provide written feedback
Mon 24 Oct 2022
18:00 GMT
Workshop 6: Understanding Grammar
1. Be able to present and explain the following grammar topics: 
a. Verb patterns
b. Reported speech
c. Conditionals
d. Passive voice
2. Discuss and demonstrate a working knowledge of general grammar structures and tenses 
3. Show an awareness of the grammatical differences between British and American English
4. Understand key meta-language and how to apply these terms in teaching
5.  Understand the rules and conventions of word order and the parts of speech

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